What is Stress? : How Does stress happens?


A Health survey

Voice of yogi team has conducted a survey among professionals. There was a total of 237 respondents and we have the following result. All professionals represent the software industry and most of them are software developers/programmers.

We asked a simple question-  Which are the health issues you faced due to the software profession?


Stress is really an evil. It has a severe impact on our body and mind. It can cause heartburn, weak immune system, high blood sugar, fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, risk of heart attack, insomnia and many other health issues.

What is stress?

Stress is a deep emotional feeling of tension and it could be physical tension as well. Stress is actually how we react under some pressure or circumstances.

So, stress is caused by existing stress causing factor or “stressor”. A stressor can be anything like a sudden deadline from a boss, a very noisy environment, traffic, an animal attack, an accident, anything that cause tension in your brain and you think how to get out of it and you take pressure and it becomes tension.

The human body is habitual to having stress in daily life and it is normal although. Hence, for short-term stress is beneficial for day-to-day life, it helps to overcome some potential harmful or serious situations. But if stress becomes a regular affair then it becomes chronic stress and chronic stress is very dangerous, some symptoms of chronic stress are:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heartburns
  • Headaches

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How does stress happen?

Our brain is a miracle thing on this planet. It has several areas which governs our body and mind. The brain has a very special region called as the central nervous system.


Event 1: Let’s say, you are in traffic and late for important work, watching your wristwatch frequently.

1 Triggers Event 2: Hypothalamus in your brain which is a tiny control mechanism in the brain, sends the signal to the Pituitary gland to urge signal. The pituitary gland sends signals to Adrenal Gland and it produces stress hormones! Which is popularly known as CORTISOL.

2 Triggers Event 3: Due to this cortisol hormone, your heart pumping very hard and beating very fast, your breath becomes fast and furious, your liver releases extra glucose and your muscles are ready for action.

Actually, these responses were designed to protect your body in an emergency by preparing you to react quickly. But if these responses are regular events then it becomes a threat and causes serious health issues.

But Stress is continue for a longer period of time then there is an adverse effect of stress on our body and mind. It is very much important to know the effect of stress on our body.

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Stress is manageable and every human should know this knowledge and put into practice. There several medication, therapy, meditation and yoga which can help or reduce stress completely.

Ways to manage stress are:-

  • Food and diet practices
  • Medication – modern medicines
  • Ayurveda and ancient medicine system
  • Yoga and meditation

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