According to ayurveda: What you should eat in monsoon

What you should eat in monsoon

The monsoon starts in the month of June in all over India. It starts from Kerala in end of May month and approaching towards Werstern, northern and eastern part of India.

Ayurveda – the way of living a healthy lifestyle, thoroughly describes what to eat and what not to eat during every season of the year.

The main principle of Ayurveda system is preventive approach, it focuses on change in diet and response to change in climate condition.

Ayurveda identifies 6 seasons in one year. The indians followed 6 season’s calendar in the past but due to ignorance in recent time and foolishness in following (copying) life style of western world we set ourselves as per their cultures and practices! Why I am saying foolishness because they set their lifestyle according to climate and environment of their countries but Ayurveda and our ancient wisdom set guideline to set lifestyle as per our country india’s climate and environment condition.

Anyway, let me describe 6 seasons as per ayurveda. 

  • Vasant  season – Chitara -Vaishak months ( March -April)
  • Grishm season – Jyeshth – Ashadh (May-June)
  • Varsha season – Savan-Bhadarva (July-August)
  • Sharad Season – Asho – kartik ( Sept-Oct)
  • Hemant season – Magshar – Posh ( Nov -dec)
  • Shishir season –  Magh – Fagun ( Jan -Feb) 

Let us first know what happens to our body in monsoon rity according to ayurveda.

Ayurveda has defined ‘ritucharya’. 

What is ritucharya? 

Ritu = Season.

Charya = Rules & Regimens.

Now, what is considered to be monsoon season, Half of grishm ritu and varsha ritu it means mid June to mid september is considered as a monsoon/varsha ritu.

What happens to the atmosphere/environment during monsoon?

Vata dosha aggravated during rainy season and causes acidic and indigestion atmosphere and due to indigestion and acidic atmosphere pitta dosha accumulated. 

Hence, Vata dosha is in worst condition during monsoon season and pitta is in bad condition during monsoon season! 

Effect on human body due to monsoon season

  • Our body’s agni (digestive system) weaken.
  • Immune system becomes weak.
  • With help of aggravated vata dosha and accumulated pitta dosha of atmosphere this season causes many diseases in human body. 
  • Gases in human body increases. 

What type of foods you should eat during monsoon

Food with taste of sour (Amla) and salty ( Lavana) and with smooth oily qualities should be taken. You must take healthy foods for monsoon. Below food should be consumed during monsoon season and yes these are best healthy food for ladies as well! 

  • Rice, wheat and old barely.

Rice and wheat are staple food and it should be consumed in all season. According to ayurveda it is good for balancing vatta and pitta. 

Wheat aggravates kapha dosha which is good in this season. 

  • Gourd family vegetables – bitter gourd, bottle gourd, apple gourd, pointed gourd etc

Bitter gourd is best for this season, one should eat at least twice a week during this season. Bitter gourd calm down pitta dosha. 

  • Boiled water for drinking.

Boiled water is warm and kills many germs and bacteria, in this rainy season, bacteria and germs population increases in atmosphere due to scarcity of sunlight, hence it is very much advisable to drink only boiled water. 

  • Honey, garlic, ginger, turmeric

Ginger is good for this season because it decreases Vatta and Kapha. Ginger increases pitta dosha if it is taken excessively hence it must be taken moderately. Take ginger with rock salt before any meal.

Garlic balances Kapha and Vatta dosha but can increase Pitta dosh if it is taken excessively. 

Turmeric balances all three dosha if it is taken effectively, Excess quantity can increase pitta and vatta. Turmeric boost immune system and digestive power hence it is advisable to take ½ tbs daily with milk.

  • Take cow’s ghee, lentils, green gram  daily.


Cow ghee is very good for balancing Vatta and Pitta dosha and you know vatta and pitta increases in monsoon! So you must require to take cow ghee in monsoon season.

Similarly lentils and green gram intake helps you to maintain good health in monsoon season.

  • Lavana/Rock salt

Lavana should be used in your cooking during monsoon season because it increases agni in stomach it means pitta. Lavana (Rock salt) is very helpful in increasing digestive power which is low in monsoon season.

  • Amla juice, kokum and lemon juice.

Amla is called as ‘amrut’ in India, ‘amrut’ means nectar. Amala has all six taste and it is the best dosha balancer according to ayurveda. Amla must be consumed by everyone, it has magical health benefits. 

  • Dry fruits & nuts. 

Dry fruits like almonds are good to calm down Vatta dosha. Most of nuts increase Kapha dosha so those who has kapha dosha should eat dry fruits in small quantity. 

Above mentioned are some of the best foods for monsoon.

What type of food you should  NOT eat in monsoon


  • Avoid leafy vegetables like spinach.

During monsoon season almost all leafy vegetables gets high population of germs and bacteria and hence they should be avoided in consumption.

  • Curd at night

Avoid eating curd at night but you can take curd in day time. Generally, curd increases digestive power hence it should be eaten in proper quantity.

  • Food that are hard to digest like maida

Maida and related items creates slow digestion in the stomach. Avoid all fast food, process food and street foods. 

  • Fried food or heavy oily foods

As I said earlier in monsoon season you should avoid heavy and oily food which is slow in digestion. 

  • Potatoes and other root family foods.

Potatoes and its family vegetables and most of root vegetables should be avoided in monsoon season because they increase vatta dosha in body. 

  • Kachoris, pakodas, samosas etc
  • Sodas, soft drinks  or carbonated drinks.
  • Mangoes.
  • Avoid  vegetables like beans, peas, sprouted grains, cauliflower, ladies finger
  • Avoid excessive consumption of tea and coffee. 
  • Raw fruit juices especially unseasonal fruits.  
  • Ice creams and cakes

What should be your lifestyle during monsoon

  • Avoid swimming and going in river water. 
  • Do not getting wet in rainy water. 
  • Avoid day sleeping. 
  • Eat only warm food
  • Eat seasonal fruits only.
  • Do proper exercise and yoga asanas which can boost digestive system
  • User only warm water for drinking purpose. 
  • Avoid late night sleeping. Sleep early and wake up early.

Recommended Ayurvedic medicines during monsoon season

  • Haritaki ( Harde) is the best medicine in this season
  • Aswagandha churna will boost immune  system. 
  • Khadirarishta 
  • Mahamanjishtha Kawath

I hope your would get lot of information related to food should be eat in monsoon season.


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