International yoga day 2019: 25 amazing yoga facts you should know

We all know yoga is an ancient science or school of thoughts from India, but how many of you know the details of yoga!

I am bringing some interesting and amazing facts on yoga on this International yoga day 2019! Yes, I am following yoga for two decades and now I am a yoga teacher from last three years.

Let us see now some amazing facts on yoga.

1. International yoga day – The start!

During UNGA meet on 27th September 2014, India’s prime minister proposed 21st June as international yoga day. The International yoga day was declared on 11 December 2014, and first time in the history of the UN it is happened that any country’s resolution passed in just 90 days. Each year yoga day has a theme. In 2019, Yoga day has a theme called ‘climate action’

2. Yoga is at least 6000 years old! – But I know it is more than that!

Excavation on Indus valley civilization found 6000 years old seal. The seal having posed of Padmasana/Siddhasana. The seal famously known as ‘pashupati nath’ seal from Indus civilization. Look at this beautiful seal in below image

3. Best export  of India: Yoga

A foreign national asked me in the past that what is the best export from India till date?

My answer was : Yoga!

Yes, in my view and many authors and economists believe that it is the first product of globalization!

4. Shiva is the inventor of yoga?

Yes, Shiva is the first yogi or Adi yogi. We all know him as Adi yogi. We all know in our popular culture that shiva is god of destruction. Actually, Shiva is a dissolver of everything not destroyer! To dissolve one has to take path of liberation or gain knowledge of brahm vidhya and to attain such goal he has invented yoga and passed to saptrishis.

5. Which are the main books of yoga?

This is the list of main books you can refer, These books are core yoga books.

  • Yog chudamani
  • Gherand samhita
  • Vashisth samhita
  • Jabal darshan
  • Shandilya Upnishad
  • Goraksh Samhita
  • Dhaynbindu upnishad
  • Trishikhi Brahman Upnishad
  • Shiv Samhita
  • Yogi yagnvalkya
  • Yog kundali
  • Hath yog pradapika
  • Patanjali’s yog sutra
  • Bhagwad gita

6. Yoga is for liberation or ending life -birth cycle

Main aim of yoga is to attain liberation. People do yoga for health improvements, remove stress and many health related achievements, but they rarely know the main use of yoga is to achieve liberation (Moksha). Please read more about what is ultimate goal of yoga at Ultimate goal of yoga

7. Yoga is just not asanas!

Yoga is complete framework. It is not just asanas, most of people misunderstood yoga as just asanas, but according to patanjali’s yoga there are 8 steps to achieve the final goal and asana is one the step.

Patanjali's Ashtang yoga


8. 84 Lakh (8.4 Million) Asanas!

According oldest texts of yoga, initially there were 84 lakh asana invented by Adi yogi shiva! But today only 84 main asanas main in use. Out of 84 asanas 4 asanas are very important asanas and from these 4 asanas, Padmasana is the most important asana from all.

Definition of yoga asana as per Hath Yoga Pradapika

“ Sthirsukhasanam” means someone sits for longer period in a pose with peach and full concentration.

9. 4 main asanas according to Hath yoga pradapika

According to Hath Yoga Pradapika, 4 asanas which were taught by Lord Shiva are:-

  • Padmasana
  • Sidhhasana
  • Simhasana
  • Swastikasana

10. Oldest yoga teacher : Porchon-Lynch (age: 100 years)

Porchon lynch is oldest yoga teacher on earth. She is 93. She is still healthy and teaches yoga every day. Born in 13th August 1918.

11. 2 Billion people practice yoga!

According to the UN , about 2 Billion people practices yoga in year 2016, If yoga is religion than it is the biggest religion on earth but yoga is not a religion! 

12. 36 Million people practice yoga  in USA in 2012 to 2016

The Number of Americans doing yoga grew by 50% in between 2012 to 2016 according to study.

13. 1 in 3 person tried yoga in US!  

Study in 2016 said that 1 out of 3 rd person in US (United states) tried yoga it means 33% of population tried yoga and related to yoga!  

14. Market size of yoga in US : USD 16 Billion in 2016

Yes, you heard it right! US spent 16 billion dollars on yoga learning, cloths and on accessories!

15. 6000+ Yoga studios in US (2016 data)

There are more than 6000 yoga studios in US in 2016 which are professional!

16. Padmashri : Nouf Marwai

Nouf Marawai is a Saudi Arabian citizen. She contributed to making yoga legal and get official recognition in Saudi Arabia (Orthodox Muslim country). She was awarded with India’s highest civilian award Padma Shri for her contribution. She is now yoga teacher (First in Saudi Arabia) and teaching yoga in Saudi Arabia.

17. Pakistan’s Baba Ramdev: Shamshad Haider

Yes, yoga also gaining momentum in our rival and 100% Muslim country pakistan. Shamshad haider is called as baba ramdev of Pakistan! . He runs program called yoga pakistan and spreading Patanjali’s (Rishi Patanjali)  yoga.

18. BKS Iyengar: Most famous yoga guru in US.

BKS Iyengar ‘s yoga is very famous in US and called as Iyengar style of yoga. He is very famous among all yoga gurus who arrived in US from India. He arrived in US in year 1959. He died at 95 in Pune.

19. Swami Vivekananda : First yogi who spread yoga in US

We all know Vivekananda’s famous  ‘Brother and sister of america’ speech at  World’s Religions in Chicago on 11 september 1893.  Vivekananda spread ‘Raj yoga’ in US through his series of speeches. Raj yoga is excellent work of Vivekanadna and every yogi and yoga teacher must read book .

20. Yoga can change your DNA!

Yes, yoga can change your DNA, in my secondary research on ‘DNA & Gene expression’ , you can read my e-book  DNA & Yoga for more details.

21. Japan : Fastest growing country in yoga

The growth of yoga industry in Japan is 413% in last 5 years according to study.

22. There are 8 Pranayamas

  • Bhastrika
  • Ujjayi
  • Shitali
  • Shitkari
  • Plavini
  • Bhramari
  • Keval kumbhak

23. And Kapalbhati?

Kapalbhati is not Pranayam, it is called as Shatkarm or Shatkriya. It is for body detoxification and body and mind cleansing.

24. What is ‘Prana’ in Pranayam?

I can write long article on prana, but let me put a very short answer of question. Prana is life energy or originator of everything. You can consider it as a core energy. Meaning of pranayam is control of prana.

25. Limited number of breaths!

Yes, according to ancient yogis, we are born with fixed and limited number of breaths and hence it must be controlled to live longer.

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