What is the ultimate goal of yoga?

I asked a very simple question to 130 people over the phone, messaging and social media platform.

The question is : What is the ultimate goal of yoga?


From the above result, it is evident that most of the people know yoga’s goal to improve health. Actually, most of yoga gurus, babas and yoga teachers teach yoga from perspective of health improvements or cure for certain diseases. Due to this momentum, most of the general public actually do not know the ultimate goal of yoga.

Let us explore human capabilities, Have you ever thought of the highest possibility of human race? Human being has immense possibility to excel highest in this universe.

So, What is the highest possibility of human race?

It could be  Superhuman ability? Or  Super rich? Or Strongest man/woman on earth?

The answer is: No.

Highest possibility is not being a strongest or greatest. In search of the answer one has to dive deep into the basic law of the universe and the cosmos and may be quantum physics.

Energy & Quantum Physics:

Modern science and ancient vedic wisdom both agree that everything is energy vibrating on different scale. Modern science can’t figured out perfactlly that what is the core substance that makes atom.

Everything in this universe is moving and vibrates at some frequency and speed, but your frequency is different from other in the universe and hence its seems like your are separated from what you see around you.

The basic elements of all matter in this universe is atom and hence we are nothing but a bunch of trillion-zillion atoms! But atoms don’t have consciousness according to science!  how this consciousness in human being activated?

According to quantum physics, nothing is solid in this universe, all scientist and physicist agree that all are energy form.

We, human beings  are energy of some form. So what happens when we die? As scientist agreed that energy can’t be destroyed it means we have no death!  We transform from one energy into another.

Ancient vedic scriptures suggest that law of karma which is a logically accumulated memory from many births and it combines with life energy and gives current life events.

It means your destiny = ‘sanchit karma’ i.e. karma which are going to give you outcomes/fruits.

We constantly do karma. Each and every action has a reaction. Hence, we are going to get result/outcome of these karma in future. This cycle is continuously run and you take many lives on this planet or in this solar system where life exist.

We constantly storing our future into this cosmos! We shall get these karmic fruits whenever it is going to happen to you.

Hence it is an ongoing process and we trap into never ending circle of birth and death!

Let us understand how this world was created and how all emerge.

Sankhya Framework

Sankhya framework is one of the India’s main 6 schools of thoughts. It describes how the universe or cosmos emerges and how we emerges in this universe.

Sankhya says that there is ‘the one’ who consider as supreme god or energy or ‘the thing’ that produce everything and destroy everything through Purusha and prakriti.

According to Samkhya framework  there are two main elements:

PURUSH  = Pure consciousness, universal awareness

PRAKRIT  = Material cause of the universe .

The One or ultimate truth or supreme energy or God direct Purush to form universe.

According to science there are two things that form the entire universe

Purush or Pure consciousness directs Prakriti or creative energy to form universer. Prakriti directs mool prakriti to form 3 gunas (satva, rajas and tamas).

Gunas forms 23 elements and with mahat it creates EGO.

Now it’s EGO (Ahmkara) forms mind, Panch mahabhuta (gross elements) , 5 gyanendriya , 5 karmendriya and 5 tanmatra (subtle elements).

Now this how we are created with 23 elements.

Whatever we see, feel and do karma in this universe has impact and this impact determines our destiny. Birth and death cycle is governed in this framework.

Breaking the birth and death cycles:

Breaking of this circle called liberation. This is the final goal of human being. Now, the question is how to achieve this final goal?  There are few ways to achieve this final goal and one is through yoga.

So the answer to the question ‘what is the highest possibility of human being ?‘ is Liberation

Yoga is a way to attain this highest possibility. Yoga gives eye sight which can see beyond material word and enters into new dimensions. Yoga breaks your ignorance and show a way for enlightenment.

Yoga is a system from ancient india which helps to know human consciousness, it is answer to know who are we and what is the ultimate truth of our birth.

How to break this framework? So that one does not require to see this illusion and attain position or union with ‘The one’.

The yoga : A system to break illusion!

Atmagyan is required to attain/union with ‘The one’ , in this journey one should take the help of yoga.

It is eight -fold path ( 8 limbs of yoga) of patanjali which is framework of yoga to help in gaining of atma gyan.

Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga or 8 limbs of yoga is guided framework and one should follow step by step on this framework.

Yoga is not a religion or not affiliated with any particular religion, it is the system or tool or spiritual technology or way to attain union with supreme god.

Whether you believe or not, whether you are an atheist and does not believe in God at all, you cannot deny the concept of Karma which is even scientifically proven, if you accept and believes that energy is present and vibrate in all matter then law of karma is present as well.

Our human birth has only one ultimate aim or goal and it is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

And to fulfill this task one should take a path of liberation, and to attain this path yoga is helpful.


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