Places in India : Visit before you die (Part 1)

India is a super-duper diverse country. An indian cannot explore full India in his/her lifetime. When I started thinking on this topic, I am emotionally overwhelmed and confused what are the places which must be visited before I die!

Well, I picked a few of the places from my research, visits and general public opinion. Choice and liking of places depends upon a person’s liking and traits.  

I asked below questions to more than 600 people and derived information.

  1. Which are the places you visited and like the most from your previous journey?
  2. Which are the places you feel that it must be visited?

Based on above answers and other opinion and experience I posted below list which must be visited before you die.


  • Udaipur, Rajasthan


Udaipur is a city of lakes of India. I stayed in this beautiful city in from December 2015 to May 2016  for 6 months. It was a very nice atmosphere, I explored almost all lakes. Food was awesome. I learned that some of the best and expensive hotels are present in Udaipur! It is a favorite wedding destination for celebrities all around the world. Udaipur never bored you, it has rich history, culture, best cuisine and beautiful and humble people.

(Photo courtesy: Ram Vala)


  • Girnar – Gujarat


Girnar is a mountain situated in gujarat near to junagadh city. It has many legends associated with and mentioned in so many indian scripture. It has spiritual & historical landscaping. It has india’s four major religion Hinduism, jainish, buddhism and Islam sites. It has so many folklores, stories and legend associated with Krishan, Shiva, Dattatreya and many other gods. It has beautiful landscaping and site seeing for natural lover. A must visit place if you are in Gujarat.


  • Munnar – Kerala


The pearl of western ghats! Munnar is famous for green, lavish and fresh tea and coffee gardens, it is hill station for summer season. Immaculate valley and exotic species plantation. Munnar named after three river so you can imagine a place which has mountains, rivers, green lush gardens, plantation and fresh energetic air. What else you need?


  • Kutch – Gujarat


Kutch is located in gujarat. It is india’s largest district and one of the main diverse geography region of india. Kutch is heaven for archeologist and historians as it is providing many important sites of indus valley civilisation. Kutch white desert is main tourist attraction over here. Kutch ‘rannotsav’ is organised on every year during december to february and it is experience of folk music, dance, culture, authentic cuisine, glimmer landscapes and many more and hence giving you life time experience.


  • Leh -Ladakh


Mesmerizing! The truly magical experience. A must must must visit in your life. Go, plan it now! It is a bikers’ heaven, if you really like to explore places over bike ride then this is the best place in entire world. Personally, leh – ladakh is my favourite destination to visit.


  • Andaman – havelock island


I visited this very beautiful place in 2012 during my project work. I stayed almost 4 months in port blair. Andaman island having many attractions like cellular jail, north bay, port blair, barren island, indira point, jolly beach, campbell island and many other. Port blair is only place for sea walking can be done in entire india. Among all, havelock island is must visit, if you plan a trip to andaman then you must include havelock island in the list.

  • Varanasi

World’s oldest civilised city! City of shiva! A Spiritual power house of india. Varanasi is city of all colors of life, it offers joy, happiness, curiosity, salvation, detachment, spirituality  and offers path to nirvana. It is city of death. Varanasi is canvas of sanatan dharma. It is living city with soul of seeker.


  • Rishikesh


The best gift of india to the world is Yoga! And rishikesh is yoga capital of world, should I mentioned more about this place, it is final destination for seekers and spiritual path followers.


  • Vivekananda Rock


When I read about swami vivekananda in my early teen age, I was became a fan of him, his clarity in thoughts, vision, wisdom and spiritual knowledge astonished  me at that age. He mentioned that he achieved complete enlightened at this rock. This my personal favourite place to visit, it is attracting me from many years still I haven’t visited. I don’t know but when i thought and visualise mental picture of this place I get instant peace current in my mind.


  • Akshardham Temple – Delhi


I visited akshardham in 2009. A peaceful heaven on earth, if i visualise heaven in mind then this magnificent indic architecture  comes up in mind. What a place! It is the largest hindu temple according to Guiness book of records.


  • Ajanta ellora caves- Maharashtra


India’s incredible place! Mystical, magical, astonishing, extraordinary, stunning….limitless words can be used to describe this place. Carved in 6AD by hands only, this is largest man made rock formation architecture in world, what a technology and creativity they used?! Mind blowing!  A must visit place in your lifetime for sure.

India is rich country in terms of diversity and natural places. There are many more places which I need to include. I included into second part of this blog.


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