Best healthy food of summer in india

Best healthy food of summer in india

Summer’s favorite season of kids because of academic vacation in schools. For rest of the people it might be not a favorite season but most disliked season. In summer, temperature touch down at 50 degree in few towns, in western india 45 degree is average temperature.

It is important to know what should be consumed as food and drink in summer. Summer is a season which Pitta dosa aggravated. One should consume food which must be most suitable for that person.

I listed few healthy food and drink based on my experience and interview with ayurveda doctors and practitioners.

Ayurveda heavily emphasized on  ‘prakriti’ of person. It suggests that one should consume food and drink according to prakriti of person and season.

Let’s see best healthy food of summer in india.


  • Lemon/Lime water


Almost everybody knows importance of lemon but I have to mention specially here because lemon is such a refreshing food in summer that it alone can beat summer. Lemon is full of Vitamin C and vitamin C has great effect on detoxification and immunity. It has cooling effect and you can take lemon in any form whether its lemon soda or lemon sarbat or you can sprinkle lemon on anything!


  • Watermelon


Watermelon has lycopene as a one of the substance, which is protective against sun burn in body. Watermelon is water based fruit and available in summer only hence it is naturally designed and created by god for summer! You can consume watermelon as raw fruit and juices, you can sprinkle masalas and salt on raw watermelon.


  • Cucumber


Cucumber is another watery food that should be consumed in summer season. It has high value of silicon and sulfur that promotes hair growth. Cucumber promotes hydration very effectively. It can be consumed as raw and in form of salad with other fruits and vegetables.


  • Fennel drink


According to ayurveda, fennel has cooling effect on body and traditionally we all have this jaggery and fennel drink. In my childhood I consumed lot of jaggery and fennel drink made by my mother, hence traditionally we all know importance of fennel in summer season.


  • Cumin


Cumin is an iron man! Yes it is superrich food for iron. It has substances that help in digestion. What else you need in season when digestion power is low! In india we use this as herb and spices in food.


  • Coconut water


Coconut water has antioxidant that gives fights against free radical in body which develops during hot summer season. Coconut water is excellent to prevent dehydration which is common in summer season.


  • Mango


Mango is king of fruit. We all eat mangoes. My favorite fruit is mango. Most of we know that it is being a summer food hence it gives maximum benefit to our body in summer. It has many all round benefits for skin, immunity, heart, blood pressure, digestion, eyes, anemia and more. You can consume mangoes as raw, in salad, murrabas and achars, aampanna, mango pulp and many other variants.


  • Buttermilk


In local language we call it as ‘chhass’ or ‘chhach’, may be it is india’s national drink because in every part of india, people consume buttermilk. In western part of india, specially in Gujarat region of saurashtra it is being consumed as a daily staple food. Buttermilk has many benefits like it improves digestion, reduces body heat, source of calcium, source of Vitamin B, helps in dehydration, decrease acidity which is common in summer season.


  • Curd


A great probiotic food is curd. Probiotic bacteria (don’t worry, they are good bacterias) helps to improve digestive system and gut activities. In this hot summer, digestive power deteriorates, curd can rescue your digestive system. It has antifungal and antioxidant agents that helps into glowing skin and stops wrinkle on skin.


  • Sugarcane juice


Sugarcane juice is alkaline food, but sugar is acidic food. For healthy life, one should consume only alkaline food. Sugarcane is india’s soft drink! Sugarcane is consumed by almost all regions of india specially in north, east and west india.Sugarcane is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, various amino acids, zinc, thiamin, and riboflavin! Uff so many elements, isn’t it? Sugarcane provides natural source of sugar which is high in energy and hence it is suggested that if you feel dehydrated in summer season take 300ml sugarcane juice.


  • Bitter gourd


Bitter gourd (Karela in gujarati) is extremely rich in Vitamin C. Bitter gourd is helpful in reducing blood sugar and hence it prevents diabetes. Bitter gourd is widely consumed all over india in daily diet, people across india make subji of bitter gourd. It has many advantages and one should consume in summer season.


  • Cow Ghee


From ancient time of Rama and shri kirshna, cow is sacred animal and worshiped in india in hinduism. Cow is like kalp vriksha which gives every precious things to humankind. There are lot of reasons why cow is worshipped in india by hindus. Almost every major scriptures like veda, upanishad and many other described benefits of cow products. Cow ghee is best for eyes, memory, bones, digestion, stomach, brain, and overall body. It provides best nourishment. It can be consumed in post surgery recovery. It is very good for longevity, vitality and immune system. It has many benefits, just eat 1 tbs of cow ghee daily.


  • Tulsi


Tulsi is  used as a remedy for  fatigue, hypothyroidism, anxiety, unbalanced blood sugar. From ancient time, in india tulsi is sacred plant and indian people specially hindus worshipped this plant. Why they worshipped? Well, there are many benefits of tulsi. Tulsi boosts immune system, fights with virus and hence very beneficial in fever, cold and cough. In india, tulsi is considered as a herb and commonly used.


  • Ginger


Ginger is widely used in indian cooking and even people drink tea with ginger and soda with lemon and ginger. Hence, this root vegetable cum herb is known in every household of india. It is great for digestion, stomach pain, intestine health, anti inflammatory, menstrual pain, etc. Ginger is a  surely a good herb for summer season.


  • Neem leaves


And finally! Neem leaves, yes, according to ayurveda, in summer especially in month of chaitra (March-April) it is suggested to consume neem leaves juice. Neem leaves juice is bitter and hence it is perfect medicine for many disease. Used traditionally for fever, skin disease, stomach disease, infection, inflammation, and for teeth decay and disorder.



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