Top 10 reasons why you should drink Indian cow milk

When there was news item said that junagadh agricultural university found gold in cow urine, I was astounded completely! Well, at a first glance this  news item seems to me a fake news but almost all leading daily newspaper companies wrote on this news item and said it is based on research.

JAU( Junagadh agriculture university) also claims that cow urine helps in treatment of cancer. JAU have presented detail research paper Cow urine can treat cancer

From ancient times, Indian cow is sacred animal for hindus. Cow is being worshipped in this country from ages. Many stories, legends and mythology associated with cow. Almost every avatar (incarnation of god) of hindu gods, specially Bhagwan shri krishna emphasized and explain importance of cow.

I can write a book on Indian cow but let us explore details on cow milk in this blog.

Before go in detail on cow milk there is important question I wish to discuss here- Which cow milk should be consumed? There is huge differences among cows!

Generally, from research as well, it is advisable to drink only A2 cow milk (Bos indicus). Why is it so? Let us see below details.

What is A2? If A2 is exist then do we have A1 as well? Yes, there is A1 and A2 cow. Actually A1 and A2 are protein type.

What is A1 & A2?

A1 and A2 are casein proteins found in milk and its products. Almost 80% of protein content covered by these proteins.

Casein is slow digesting protein. It slowly releases amino acid and hence helps in muscle breakdown recovery and hence most of people prefer to drink milk during bed time! Now you know why we drink milk during sleep time! From ancient time our rishis recommods such! Imagine we derived such results from ancient time!


A1 Casein A2 Casein
Both has 209 amino acids
67th position: histidine amino acid 67th position: proline amino acid
Creates BCM-7 Peptide No Creation of BCM-7
Holstein, jersey,  breed cows( without hump) Bos indicus cows (with hump), goats, camel, buffalos, yak,donkeys etc
Creates heart disease, type 1 diabetes, Prevent against heart disease & diabetes
Creates autism No autism
Creates Parkinson and schizophrenia No parkinson and schizophrenia

(Source: Various research reports)

You have seen enough differences in A1 and A2 cow. Now let us move towards taking notes of benefits of drinking cow milk.

Let us see what are contents in milk.

  1.  Muscle strength

We tradition in india that we feed raw milk to infants and children. At early stage of life it is very necessary to build muscle or strength muscle. Milk is best food to build muscle strength. milk is 20% whey and 80% casein protein, both are responsible to build muscle.

  1. Sleep booster!

Milk has tryptophan which is amino acid. Tryptophan causes drowsiness it means you will feel sleepy! Hence glass of warm milk before bed time gives kick of sleep! It is also proven in research

  1. Skeleton maker

Strong skeleton is necessary to live a life, right? Body can be said healthy body if your skeleton is enough strong to carry out day to day task and work as well as strong enough to give resistance when it is needed, your skeleton loves calcium! And milk is super rich source of calcium, your teeth need calcium.1 cup of milk has 276 – 300 mg calcium. On daily basis men/women should have 1000 mg calcium.

  1. Increases brain power

Research shows that milk improves cognitive function of brain. Milk is source for vitamin B12, this is one of very few vegetarian source of B12, it is boon for vegetarian people. Vitamin B12 is essential for brain power and cognitive function, it helps to prevent alzheimer disease. For your brain sake please drink milk daily at least 1 cup!

  1. Heart will loving it!

Cow who eats lot of grass has high value of omega -3 fatty acid. Omega 3 raise HDL cholesterol which is term as ‘good’ cholesterol. Omega 3 prevents in forming of harmful blood clots. Omega-3 reduces blood pressure levels of people with high blood pressure. In short, milk has such elements which is very good for heart.

  1. Anti-inflammatory team

Cow milk has such substances like omega 3, antioxidant compounds and proteins that promote anti inflammatory process in body.   

  1. Reduces body fat (Weight)

Wow! This is real good news for many! Milk has conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which burns fat in body. Also dairy calcium reduces weight in body. Milk has vitamin D, which also help in burning fat.

  1. Bad new for cancer

Yes, you heard it right. Milk has anti -cancer agents that prevents cancer cells to grow. Several research suggested that regular consumption of milk prevents from cancer. University of otago research and derived result that daily consumption of milk reduced risk of bowel cancer by 30%. Many study said that low fat milk reduced risk of ovarian cancer.   CLA -conjugated linoleic acid is known for anti cancer agent,

  1. Skin friendly

From the ancient time women use milk for shining skin, till date people applies paste of  turmeric and milk of face for shining and glow. In ancient time queens and other celebrated women user to take bath of milk! Milk was secrete for their beauty. Lactic acid in milk removes dead skin.

  1. Memory, Vigor and intelligence

According to ayurveda cow milk is best to increase Ojas (vigor). Cow milk is best for infants for better health and memory. Cow milk helps brain to develop regions which are responsible for memory and intelligence.

There are many benefits of cow milk in regards to health and other aspects. I can write more on cow milk but due to subject restriction I rest my pen here.




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