How yoga help to weight loss

How yoga help to weight loss


Before take a dive into the meaningful information of this article. Let us see some facts on weight, isn’t it?

According to World Health Organization (2015 Data),

  • 1.9 Billion Adults who are 18 years and over are overweight.
  • More than 610 million adults are obese.
  • More than 40 Million children below age 5 are overweight.

According to NHANES (2009–2010) in United States,

Adults in the United States, 68.8 percent people are overweight or obese, 35.7 percent are obese, and 6.3 percent are extreme obesity.

The question is,  what are overweight and obese?

According to world health organization (WHO), Overweight and obesity are  extra fat build up that is going beyond what is desired in body. Obesity related to body fat and hence over build up of body fat is obesity.

How to know body is overweight?

We can know by measuring BMI that is Body Mass Index.

BMI = Person’s weight in Kg (Kilogram) divided by the square of person’s height in meter.

      = Kg/m2

For example, person’s weight is 70Kg and height is 6 Feet (1.828 mtr) then, How to calculate bmi?

BMI  = Kg/m2     = 70/ (1.8288)2  

      = 70/3.345  = 20.92

According to World Health Organization, BMI categories are:-


BMI <18.5 18.5 – 24.0 25-29.9 30-34.9 35-39.9 >40
Category Underweight Normal Overweight Obese Severely obese Morbidly Obese

It is important to note down health impact of Obesity and overweight,

  • Heart related cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diabetes  type 2
  • high to very high blood pressure
  • osteoarthritis – related to stiffness, joint pains, swelling.
  • Some type of cancers.

Causes of overweight and obesity

People are consuming unnecessary food without thinking what they actually need to maintain body energy. Lifestyle of people are more towards taste centric rather to satisfy hunger. Diet of people is highly irregular. We try to list out some of the reason of overweight.

  • Over eating of fast food.
  • Lot of consumption of energy foods and high calories food.
  • Physical inactivity and lack of exercises.
  • Stress and depression.
  • Imbalance of thyroid gland.
  • Irregular diet plan.
  • Lack of healthy diet food and organic food consumption.

Well, The good news is Obesity and overweight is preventable and curable

how can I prevent to be overweight or obese. We mentioned below important precautions to remain in fit and balanced body

  • Prepare a diet plan and put lot of healthy diet food like vegetables and fruits in the plan.
  • Take whole grain only.
  • Regular physical activity. Daily 3-5 Km walk can do lot of help.
  • Find ways how to lose weight fast.
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods
  • Do not take fast food.
  • Detoxify your body at every 3 month. Simple way to detoxify your body is to take only fresh fruits and green vegetables without cooked for week.
  • Do exercises and yoga asanas.

If you understand effect of the overweight over the body then you should work on weight loss plan immediately.

We recommends that you should include plenty of healthy diet food  and explore the ways of losing weight naturally.

Now we try to see the how to lose weight fast?

Aerobics, Walking, running, swimming and exercise works out are options available to weight loss plan. but we will discuss yoga here for weight loss.

Understand weight first! – How lose weight works?

Let us understand in simple term that how actually weight loss works in your body before we are going to explore yoga for weight loss. it is important to know science for weight loss or fat reduction.

Technically speaking, if your energy (caloric) expenditure of your body exceeds the energy intake then weight decrease.

Metabolism is related to your weight. In simple term metabolism is mechanism which makes energy from what you eat and drink. During this process it uses Oxygen. People having correct metabolism can balance the weight in body.

Thyroid gland is controlling the  metabolism. Improving thyroid gland with your weight loss plan can really benefit lot in you fast weight loss plan.

We said yoga and yoga asana can help in reducing weight. certain  Yoga asana like hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and other power yoga asana can help to improve thyroid gland.

However weight gain and loss are complex process, there are other reasons which are responsible for weight gain like genetic design, hormones, stress and tension.

Important Points need to consider for weight loss

  • Check your caloric intake, what is needed caloric and how it is spent.
  • Physical activities must be require  in a day.
  • Identify if you have any heredity effect for obese and overweight
  • Check your thyroid gland. It must be in good functioning.
  • Most importantly, analyse your food you eat and how much energy it is giving to your body. Compare with energy intake needed for your body.

What is Yoga?

Yoga in sanskrit is ‘union’. yoga came from the Ancient indian philosophical, spiritual and science works. Nobody knows who has invented yoga. Ancient indian sages discovered over the period of time.

Hatha Yoga:

Hath means ‘force’. Hatha yoga was discovered by Matsyendranath, a nath sect rishi. It is said that  he was inspired by Lord Shiva who was said to be the founder of yoga in Hinduism belief.

Hatha yoga has extensive set of yoga poses and asanas for human body improvements and health. Hatha yoga is popular in World specially in United States.

There are very impressive and amazing yoga asanas or poses for weight loss as well. Yoga poses are giving 360 degree effect on human body. A carefully done yoga poses will definitely benefit.

Yoga asanas for weight loss

Several yoga asanas are very good and effective for weight loss. It not just burn your extra fat but it shapes your body by improving internal organs as well. It is good choice for you to do yoga asana for weight loss instead of doing aerobics and any hard exercise.

Now, How to lose weight by yoga?

You would heard about yoga for weight loss in yoga studios of your city. Most of the yoga studio are focusing on the power yoga for weight loss. We prefer to choose basic fundamental yoga poses for weight loss plan.

3 Things to consider for your yoga weight loss plan.

  1. Choose Yoga asana for weight loss.
  2. Identify healthy diet that works for weight loss.
  3. Meditation and breathing to reduce stress and depression.

Before we look into yoga asana that really helps to lose weight, let us see some tips for weight loss,

  1. Do regular exercise and yoga asana practice.
  2. Start with smaller goal first.
  3. Watch your food! You must require to follow healthy diet.
  4. Calculate your daily caloric requirement.
  5. After calculate your daily requirement design your diet accordingly
  6. Do fast once in week. Eat only fruits and green vegetables.
  7. Do meditation and deep breathing exercise regularly.

From our experiences and those who have loss their weight in quick time, We suggest best yoga asanas for quick weight loss as per below narrated.


  • Yoga Boat Pose ( Naukasana) for Fat burning of belly


Nauka = Boat,  and asana = pose, so how its name came from as boat pose. As name suggest it is look like tiny boat in it is position. Let us look closely how

naukasana give impact on body and benefits.

Effect of nauka asana on your body parts.

  • It will give effect on stomach, abdomen and thigh muscles.
  • Abdominal area is the most affected in Boat pose.
  • Fat burning for belly. Boat pose Helps to reduce belly fat.
  • Boat pose gives pressure on internal abdominal organs like Liver, Spleen, Pancreas and stomach.
  • Blood flow increase or improved to the abdominal portion.

How to do Boat Pose (Naukasana) in easy steps

  • Rest on your back with feet together and hand besides body
  • Take deep breath, now exhale slowly raise your head, chest and feet upto approximately 30 to 40 degrees.
  • Eyes and toes must be in line and you should look at your toe
  • Keep your both hands straight.
  • Keep your breath normal during this position.
  • If you feel the tension in stomach and abdominal then let it be. Feel the tension and focus on that.
  • Remain in this position  for 15 seconds. Do it for 5 times. Later on increase time for this position from 15 seconds to 30 seconds

Yoga Chair Pose( Utkatasana) for buttock fat reduction


Utkata means extreme/intense power. Hence, utkata asana give extreme power and this asana is really a powerful asan.  Utkatasana give the extra power to Heart,  spinal cord, stomach and immune system and thus it is named as Utkata (power) asana (pose).

Best benefits of chair pose (Utkatasana)

  • Extremely good for spinal cord, thighs, buttock and chest.
  • Give massage  to diaphragm and abdominal organs.
  • Pressurized the stomach muscles.
  • strengthen the knee muscles.
  • It increase immune system of body.
  • It Energize or stimulate muladhara chakra.
  • very helpful to Improve digestion.

Steps to do Chair pose or Utkatasana

  • Take position of normal standing position on your feet. Must be with straight spinal cord.
  • Now take a deep breath. On slow exhale bend your knees and join your palms together and bring over head.
  • your thighs should be parallel to ground/ floor. Your knees should not be  way ahead then toes.
  • Please remain in this position for 15 -20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Feel the stress and pressure on thighs, legs, diaphragm, hands and other part of the body organs. Focus on breathing during these position and try to link the stress and pressure with breathing.
  • Inhale deeply and on release of breathe out bring yourself in normal standing position. Do it slowly with rhythm of breathing, this is important

You can see this video for how you can reduce belly fat instantly –

  • Yoga Plough pose (Halasana)


Hala means in sanskrit what we have plough in english. Halasana is one of the very important yog asana which is extremely beneficial for yogic practices and body improvements.

Halasana is considered to be very good yoga asanas for weight loss.

Main benefits of Plough pose (Halasana)

  • Improves the thyroid gland which controls the metabolism. Metabolism is controlling and responsible for body’s energy needs and hence weight loss or gain.
  • very effective for the back muscles and spinal cord. Halasan is most effective for spinal cord and back.
  • Activate digestion and hence helps to cure constipation. Good digestion process leads to good energy intake in body.

   There are lot of other benefits of halasana but we cover related to weight loss.

Step by step instruction for doing Halasana (Plough pose)

  • At very first step, lied down on your back, keep your legs parallel and straight, arm besides with body.
  • Inhale slowly and raise your legs slowly to 90 degree.
  • Exhale slowly and bring both legs slowly over the head and also raise the hips and abdominal part.
  • Bring the your leg toe to touch ground. Do it this slowly, it must not be stressed. If you feel stress and pain then stop at this moment and remain in that position.
  • Bring your chin to touch chest.
  • Do normal breathing in this halasana position and keep focusing on breathing.
  • Remain in this halasana position for 15 seconds,  repeat this whole asana for 3 to 4 times.


  • Yoga half lord fish pose (Ardha matsyendrasana)


Ardha means half, Matsya means fish and indra means lord/king . Ardha matsyendrasana is called as half lord fish pose or twisted spinal cord pose.

Ardha Matsyendrasana was founded by ancient indian sage known as Matsyendranath. It is main yoga asana in Hatha yoga and it is practiced by yogis. This yoga asana having lot of benefits but we will focus on weight loss and explore that how Ardha matsyendrasana helps to loss weight.

Miracle benefits of Ardha Matsyendrasana ( Half Fish pose)

  • Increase flexibility of entire Spinal cord. Hence stiffness due to obese and overweight start to decrease.
  • Put pressure to muscles of stomach, abdominal, chest, thigh and arms, as a effect extra fat on these organs start to burn.
  • Belly gets rotation during ardha matsyendrasana, blood circulation increases in this internal organ, henceforth fat start to burn in belly.
  • Ardha matsyendrasana increase  the oxygen supply which help organs to function better.

How to do Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Fish pose or half twisted spinal cord pose)

  • Sit in on you hips and expand your legs.
  • Now, twist/bend your left leg and put your left foot heel on ground over the right leg knee.
  • Twist/bend  your right leg and put its right foot heel to touch under the left buttock.
  • Now take right hand and brings towards the left leg over it and touch the left foot surface.
  • Now inhale slowly and then exhale slowly with move your trunk and head slowly. Bring the neck over the left shoulder.
  • Bring the right hand toward the back from the right side and rest there at back.
  • Remain in this position with normal breathing for 30 seconds.
  • Similarly do this yoga asana for right leg.
  • Repeat this ardha matsyendrasana for 5 times


  • Yoga seated forward pose (Paschimottanasana)


It is classical! A pioneer in all Hatha yoga asana.  Paschimottanasana is great yoga pose for obesity and overweight. It affects abdominal, belly, thighs, arms, stomach muscles,  hips, hamstrings, knees, back side, spinal cord and several internal organs.

What are the benefits of Paschimottanasana?

  • It reduces the extra fat from the belly region, thighs and abdominal.
  • Blood circulation from head to toe increases. Back and spinal cord get good amount of flow hence gives massage.
  • It improves spinal cord functions and increase flexibility.
  • Reduces stiffness and give great physical stretch.

We wrote few benefits which are related to weight loss otherwise Paschimottanasana has lot of other benefits

What are the steps to do Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Pose)

  • Take a sit with leg stretched forward and spinal must be erect.
  • Inhale slowly, bring your arms parallel  over to head.
  • Exhale slowly, bend toward your legs from hips, only if you are able to touch your toe then do it.
  • If you are able to hold your toes with hands then place your entire arms on legs with forcing.
  • Breath in slowly and lie down your head slowly towards toe. Do not do forcefully with pain.
  • Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Inhale slowly and raise your head and arm slowly and move to the initial position.
  • Repeat this yoga asana for 3 times.
  • Increase your practice and holding period

We shown yoga way for losing weight naturally. It is suggested to take lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.

Share your thoughts and give us feedback. We are here to provide information and help. Put your queries and we surely get back to you.

Happy doing yoga! and loss your weight in quick time.



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